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Eboni Brown

Executive Director


Eboni hails from sunny Orange County California and some how found herself in not so sunny Portland. A Project Manager turned Nonprofit Diva, Eboni spends her free time volunteering at a couple local organizations geared toward empowerment and radical change, travels every chance she gets, stirs up trouble with her daughter Olive, gets into anything to do with the beach or river, having a dance party, dressing up, and really enjoys meeting new folks. A lifer in the social service world and she can’t imagine working in any other field.


Rich Flamm

Director of Programming


Born of the sunshine and 80s, Rich grew up in California but spent time globe trotting New Zealand, Alaska, and Colorado. After participating in global outreach teams to multiple countries he put down roots in Portland, Oregon. With a background as a journalist correspondent and navigating the business world, he knows how to ruin a party by asking obnoxious questions. For some reason, he earned a degree in English with an emphasis in editing and writing. Rich is a huge nerd and spends much of his free time contemplating nerd-like things or planning his next big backpacking trip.

Hollie and Snow.jpg

Holly Miller

Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Hollie Miller is the treasurer of the board of directors and has a background in finance, bookkeeping, and payroll. In addition to her love of numbers, she is committed to spreading awareness and compassion around houselessness- especially toward those who have been passed over by programs that offer aid specific to houseless individuals. People are people despite their history and/or appearance. Everyone deserves compassion, and housing is a human right.

Jess Gibly.jpg

Jess Gibly

Vice Chair of the Board of Directors


Jess Gibly is the vice chair of the board of directors. She has a diverse background in homeless and housing services having worked in a variety of program models. She is particularly passionate about permanent supportive housing and strongly believes housing is a basic human right. As the daughter of immigrants and a member of the queer community, she believes in the importance of providing culturally specific services where people can feel truly seen and heard.


Tara Benavente

Board Member

​Tara Benavente  was born and raised on the beautiful island of Guam and moved to Portland in 2010. She is a queer Chamoru woman who is passionate about walking alongside and empowering marginalized communities and individuals. Her educational, volunteer, and work background is in social work, social justice, and community development. She has worked mainly with houseless individuals in emergency shelter settings and most recently in village settings. Now she works at Resolutions Northwest as a restorative justice practitioner. Tara also has various hobbies such as climbing, swimming, surfing, hiking, photography. You can also find her curled up on her couch next to her cat while reading a good book. 

Ashley P.png

Ashley Prietto

Board Member


Ashley’s vision for Greater Good Northwest incorporates her values-based work ethic of equity, morality, and commitment. At the core of Greater Good Northwest lies a deep passion for contributing to the community in an interactive, respectful and life-changing way. We see those who are suffering under the power of America’s infrastructure. We are committed to take advantage of our individual talents, values, and privileges, to provide shelter, case management, mental health support and acceptance to houseless BIPOC, previously incarcerated, and LGBTQIA+ individuals. Together we believe we can provide essential services that are difficult (or, in many cases, impossible) to obtain. We hope to be a role model organization to the Portland community to change the way resources and human services are distributed.

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